CYOO #35: Breathing again

On Saturday morning I was taking photos of my work in progress punch needle piece, a new hobby I picked up with frantic energy to have something to do to ease election anxiety (more on that later), when I heard honks and cheers out the window. For some inexplicable reason I did not immediately relate this to election results and wondered if there was a protest going on, even though I had been checking NYT constantly for days.

Once I understood that the results were in—Biden had definitively won—I watched neighbors and passerby jump for joy, shriek and shout, and shake fists of triumph. I heard drivers express emotion the only way they can, through the honks of their car horn. I shed tears again and again, unburdening emotions that had been deeply tucked away that I did not know how to name. To experience collective joy again. To experience relief. To know that at least for a brief moment, we can look forward to the future again instead of zeroing in on the horrors all the time.

We know better than to think that this win solves everything. Georgia’s runoff races in January will determine the fate of the Senate. Regardless of those results, the Democratic party is still afflicted with problems and who knows how Republicans will carry their party going forward without Trump? But I hope you still took some time to celebrate, rejoice, and relish in each other’s happiness. It was a well-timed sunny weekend here in NYC. How was it where you were? Where were you when you heard the news?

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I’ve been consuming…

Start-Up 📺. The latest K-drama I’ve been watching (available on Netflix) delves into the world of VCs, accelerators, and tech founders in South Korea. It didn’t seem like my usual cup of tea for leisure watching, but I’ve been enjoying Nam Joo-hyuk play a more comic male lead as a programmer whiz (loved him in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo). The drama also has very strong “second lead syndrome” inciting fan wars left and right—I won’t give too much more away, but if you enjoy the conflict and unpredictability of which romance to root for, this is your drama!

New Philosopher magazine 🗞️ I subscribed to this philosophy magazine last year and have been enjoying its quarterly arrival in my mailbox. Each issue tackles an overarching topic like "play" or "family" with corresponding articles, book excerpts and graphics to match. My favorite has been last quarter’s issue on purpose, which was a nice refresher on “The Myth of Sisyphus” and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Love Goes by Sam Smith 🎶 This album has been on repeat (along with Ariana’s, which came out on the same day). There are a lot more dance tracks on this album like their latest single “Diamonds”, which is perfect for those afternoons prancing and spinning in your socks at home (pretty much what happens in the music video linked below). “To Die For” and “Love Goes” are fantastic ballads for that classic Sam Smith flavor.

I’ve been making…

Punch needle projects. After buying all the punch needle essentials at Make Workshop a few weeks ago, I got started on my latest crafting hobby and have been obsessively punching since. This textile art medium appeals to me for its forgiving nature (you can easily pull out yarn and redo sections) and quick progress. So far I’ve upcycled a cheap stool and made a coaster! I made a crafting Instagram too, if you want to follow along.

How are you gearing up for the holidays? Have you started listening to Christmas music yet, or watching the influx of Christmas movies on Netflix? Stay safe out there—COVID cases are rising! 💙