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You want to make art and heed your creative dreams.

You daydream new ideas constantly.

Your soul knows it’s meant to do this.

But navigating the how is where you get stuck.

It can be so hard to make room for our burgeoning creative practice, especially if you’re working a day job. Where do you begin? How do you pick an idea? When do you carve out the time? Why can’t you seem to finish? What do you even really want?

In SEE YOU I openly share my journey as a working artist charting my creative path, overcoming challenges and embracing authenticity along the way. Through personal reflections, in-depth process posts, and practical tips, I aim to inspire and support you on your creative journey, whether you’re just starting to explore your passions or have worked as a full-time artist for years.

Join over a thousand readers in navigating the highs and lows of the artist’s path and finding courage to stay true to ourselves. Together we’ll explore what we do and don’t need to live a creative life and how to cultivate a deeper art practice.

More on Carolyn & her journey

My name is Carolyn Yoo and I’m an artist and illust-writer living in Brooklyn, New York. I also work a day job as a software engineer, and have been in the tech industry for 9+ years after pivoting from a soulless marketing job.

I have dabbled in creative hobbies all my life, but financial practicality took over as I prepared to jump into adulthood. Though I embraced engineering as a stable day job where I could make tangible things, I could never get away from the siren call to put my creativity and intuition at the forefront.

For the past decade I’ve focused on diving deeply into my self-discovery and creative passions, mainly through writing and interviewing, art and illustration, and community building. I’ve shared my creative journey through this newsletter for 4+ years now after a spark of inspiration reading The Artist’s Way.

You can browse my website to read more about me and purchase my art prints and products through my online shop.

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Carolyn Yoo is an artist and illust-writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is dedicated to introspection and self-discovery in her creative practice.