thank youuu for reading <3

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Sweet Bean is also a very excellent and touching movie! Highly recommend

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Omg, the shock of seeing my comic in one of the substacks that I read religiously… you’ve made my day! Thank you for thinking of me 💕!

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I don't multitask. Over time I learned to focus intensely, then truly, I realized that I am a mono-mind only capable of creating by digging in, scoping down, getting in the zone.

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I created a little booklet I called "Thirty Days of Keeping Score" brought to me by my inner critic. 30 days of days of writing excuses, frustrations, gripes, whines, curses, discouragements AND 30 days of insights, innovations, imaginations, inspirations, gratitudes, joys. once a day for both.

I wrote what had affected me that day.

Then after 30 days, I saw what was getting in my way, what inspired me...no matter how little ....

I decided to shelve the bad stuff and embrace the good.... this took a while plus the constant reminding myself of the stumbling blocks.

One big help is that I love what I do for a living : make art.

To avoid the should of, could of, would of mindset, get a notebook to collect experiences, ideas, ramblings, random bits of nothings.

Your logbooks can become containers crammed with scraps of ideas, shadows of hard to finish or organize ideas, patterns, insane and whacky, bits of words, lectures to yourself. These are your maps of occurrences that become your narratives, your story.

Most thoughts are tiny and not note worthy, but when combined later, you will see a newness of thought, a freshness worth considering.

Condensed down: What I am trying to say is paying attention is not that hard, but most important.

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