Thanks for sharing such an important reminder, written and illustrated so beautifully!

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Sep 20Liked by Carolyn Yoo

I just discovered this newsletter and honestly I am stunned! Illustrations Plus Great writing in great art how can you do better? I'm afraid I have to subscribe to such a worthwhile newsletter.

I voted for KAAC. I wish you the very best luck! You know growing up we had a Korean immigrant family move next door to us in the late sixties in early seventies. That's how I got introduced to the Korean culture from Jo Han, who was about a year or two younger than I was. His family was talented, industrious, and successful in life. But way back then things were "a bit" easier for immigrants; although in America, of all places, where we're a country of immigrants we have this blind spot that only certain people are allowed in this country. The hypocrisy is lost 9n the racists. I wish the standard for American citizenship was empathy, compassion, and tolerance.

"Yeo-Yoo" may not be able to be described in English but that state of being should be a goal for everyone. Maybe Rudyard Kipling described Yeo-Yoo in his poem "If"


But Carolyn you have quite a newsletter and you are quite a talented person! I love the illustrations!!

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